There were many variables in my life.


I was raised in an entrepreneurial environment with my parents always debating about ideas and business strategies. When it was time for University, the only thing I knew is I wanted to study abroad. I spent three years in Barcelona and one year in Nottingham, studying international business and marketing. I enjoyed life, got influenced by the vibrancy of both cities and cultures, met many friends and achieved high academic results.


Still, I would be in a constant search of myself, trying to fill in an expanding void. I travelled, I worked, I travelled more, I worked something else. In other words, an absolutely common story of a lost soul or in my view 90% of humans in their twenties. 


There was only one thing that never varied for as long as I can remember: I wanted to live a meaningful life. I wanted to be of service, leave a positive print, not let my life be all about me. And I know somehow we all do.


I graduated my masters degree in Geneva. I entered the world of NGOs and International Organisations, worked for the UN and was basically part of all those people who tried to be of service, the public servants. 


Art have already been an important part of my life. I explored, experimented and observed its influence over me. Even though my soul was flourishing, it did’t really make sense to anything I have done so far so I kept it as a side thing, a hobby. 


While in Geneva, I organised a forum on social change through art. There, I made a bridge, connected the dots of my story and it felt great. 


Now, with #ArtForaBetterTomorrow, I see the same opportunity. Through the thing I love doing most to the thing I love accomplishing most. There are so many great organisations already working for the betterment of our world. They need our help to reach their objectives. This is my way. To give back through my art. 



Where is my creativity when i need it most?










Having the pallette knife floating on the canvas, following my inner source, where beautiful visions live is not always the case. Unfortunately, creativity is not available any time I order it. However, I found some ways to get it going:


1. Re-focus 

I try to put my mind into something completely differrent from what I am supposed to do. You know how sometimes we try so hard to think of a word that just slipped our mind and the more we try, the more we can't? Instead, I start cleaning or redecorating, just to get my energy going. Energy is crucial for creativity. Have a body that's awake... so the mind can do the same!


2. Go wild, make a mess 

Using my hands and simply letting them show the way is super refreshing! With no rules. My art comes from within anyways. All my experiences, past and present. All my dreams at night. All my asspirations for the future. So, I just make a mess at the studio (I clean afterwards, following my paradoxal obsession). I use different materials, experiment, draw, doodle and try not to judge the result. I don't aim at creating a masterpiece. It is all about the process.


3. Be nice 

To yourself. Do something that recharges you. It is only human to feel down, unmotivated and exhausted. There are those days. It is not you. It is just the world, the everyday, the stuff. Play with your kid, go put some makeup, talk to your friend on the phone, take a walk, hug a tree, watch a movie, chill.... just enjoy being. Pressure doesn't help for creativity. 



Dear You,

We are all creators. To create a bench, a poem, a family, an aeroplane, a sense of happiness, a sculpture, an educated child.... There are different types of creations but they all make their creators happy and fulfilled, answering to our purpose to leave something behind. We don't always look at it this way and sometimes don't even realise that we've actually created. There are professions that are obviously creative and such that need a bit more imagination. I suggest we stick to the idea that one day we will start creating and even if we haven't yet discovered what, it is the journey that we enjoy walking that will lead us there. The work, the everyday effort and being of service leads us to creation.