About Yoana

Yoana is a Bulgarian, living in Switzerland since 2014. She works for an international organisation, where her well acquired skills as Marketing and Communications Expert are helping towards a cause she supports. When her creativity flows on the canvas, it helps her get away from her mind and thereof she finds true freedom through painting. She believes art can be a catalyser for social and environmental change as it communicates through the heart and emotions,reaching out to everyone. She advocates for #artforabettertomorrow and donates a percentage of all profits to trustworthy NGOs.


‚My family is my guide and I am  humbled to walk along them. Painting is my passion but my ambition is to leave a better world for my boy". 

Artist Statement

I let intuition define my strokes. My inspiration comes from the process and by loosing myself there, I get in touch with a more genuine and pure form of me. Amazed by nature and its completeness, I desire to capture the magic of colours and light that brighten the most sacred places of the soul and sparkle our senses.